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RIGEL IMAGES offers a wide range of media production services. For example, we acquire and edit our projects in High Definition (HD), using carefully screened production crews and the best equipment. Additionally, we create SCORM-compliant interactive e-learning modules which may be led by 3D avatar presenters. We also specialize in archiving confidential business and personal images. Archiving important and often one-of-a-kind images requires meticulous planning and implementation, and attention to detail is critical.

No matter what level of service you desire, RIGEL IMAGES is ready and able to deliver.

RIGEL IMAGES offers the following, and more:

• Medical Cases & Testimonials

• Screenwriting

• Website Media Assets

• Video Editing

• Audio Editing / Enhancement

• HD Video Acquisition

• Animation

• Capital Campaigns

• World-Class Narration Talent

• Product Showcases

• Pharmaceutical Media Assets

• Interactive e-Learning Modules

• Avatar-led Presentations

• Photo Editing / Archiving

• Interviews / PR Releases

• Music Research / Editing

• Power Point Enhancement

• Museum & Zoological Videos

• Recruitment & Training Videos

• Graphic Design

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